Nurturing Makers and their Ideas

What we do

We invest in people and startups with clever and disruptive ideas across a broad spectrum of industries. We invest in ideas and companies that we believe will improve the efficiency of the market place, offer tangible benefit to users and have an overall positive impact on the society.

Our current investments are diverse and range from UAV startups in Silicon Valley to a Seafood Supply chain in India. We look for companies, where our participation makes a difference, not just by way of capital but also benefit from our experience and networks. Our team is uniquely positioned to help with product positioning for emerging markets and help identify new markets. We try to keep our investment evaluation process simple and transparent.

Who We Are

Ray Nathan

Ray is a tech entrepreneur turned investor. Ray was founder and CEO of iPlanet Australia, a software developer for Palm OS, before it was acquired by Symbol Technologies in 2003. Upon exiting, Ray has made several investments in the Asia-Pacific region across multiple industries including technology, mining, fashion, retail and hospitality. In 2012, Ray founded Tibcorp, a Singapore based investment firm that invests in high growth companies in Asia Pacific and to assist companies seeking to enter the emerging markets of South East Asia, China and India.

With strong background in technology, strategic thinking and an extensive global business network, Ray helps identify new market opportunities and provide access to emerging markets, including China and India.

Ray is also a fitness enthusiast, practices Muay Thai regularly and loves riding motorcycle.

Praveen Krishnan

Praveen is an experienced product manager, designer, engineer and entrepreneur all rolled into one. He loves being at the intersection of business, technology and user experience.

Most recently, Praveen was VP of Product Management at Replicon, the leading cloud based time and attendance software provider. Prior to that, he was a product manager at DemandTec (now part of IBM). He co-founded JobMob - a platform to incentivize social networks for recruiting. Praveen started his career as a software engineer at Siebel Systems. While not tending to his two young sons (considered his ‘real startups’), Praveen is an active pilot who enjoys flying around Northern California.

With over 15 years experience in product management and development, Praveen helps with product-market fit, product design, marketing, growth and overall product strategy.

Our Portfolio Companies


DataGlen (currently in stealth) is on a mission to build a unique data auction platform for data streams that will be generated by the IOT products. The company was founded by a team of ex-IBM’ers and MIT alumni. DataGlen wants to help organizations and people benefit from the data that is collected by sensors all around them.


DropKaffe is a fast growing, hyperlocal, F&B delivery service. The founding team was formerly in the tech stars accelerator program and investment banking. DropKaffe is targeting young professionals, who are seeking premium coffee, in one of the fastest growing cities in the emerging economy.


The Fish Chain

The Fish Chain (in stealth, set to launch in August ‘15) aims to disrupt the seafood supply chain in India. This startup is heavily investing in technology and cold supply chain solutions to help with better supply and demand forecasting and eliminating the middlemen, thereby offering better value to the fishermen, aquaculturists and the consumers.


SkyWatch (in stealth mode) is working on an elegant, cutting-edge way to manage large residential or commercial properties.